As the school is spread in a vast area here we have sufficient space for all the activities like football, basketball, swimming pool and badminton etc. for indoor we have table tannic, carom board exercise room and activity room . This way the school campus is capable of giving sufficient opportunity to students to take part in the activities of his/her choice and interest. For academic support besides having sufficient number of classes the school has auditorium, audiovisual room, smart class ,music room Physics lab, Chemistry lab ,Bio lab and a well equipped library.
With this strength and capacity we remain confident and elevated to give our students the best possible environment for their academic and personality development. The students groomed in such an environment can prove themselves in any competition, which they may face in building their carrier We have established understanding with such institutions who impart military training or special coaching to students for preparing them for various engineering and medical examinations. This gives an edge to our students in clearing exams like NDA and JEE. So we can very comfortably confirm that with this ability and confidence we are capable of fulfilling our vision `of making our students as a confident and successful citizen of this great Nation.