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Title: From the desk of the principal

Posted by admin at March 15, 2019

I on behalf of my school management and all staff members welcome you all at Siddharth public school. In fact when we talk of the building of a Nation we have to keep in mind the very essential part of the society that is our children because the growth and proper guidance of a child ensure that he may build a better society in future. Here comes the role of the school to train and mold the child in such a way so that he/she becomes an upright citizen of the Nation and a responsible element of the society. At Siddharth public school we along with my team members and with the cooperation of management work hard to guide and provide an amicable environment to our students .so that they become an upright citizen of our Nation and also become a sensitive and responsible person of the society. At last, I assure all the parents that we will not leave any stone unturned to train, guide and provide an amicable academic environment to your ward so that he fulfills your dreams in the future.


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